“Meltzer tells Dalya’s story by elegantly weaving together pieces of her life as a typical American teenager and her deep, ever-present Islamic values.” — Morena Duwe, Huffington Post

“With Dalya’s Other Country… Meltzer continues her exploration of Syria by providing an intimate portrait of its diaspora. Through the unfiltered honesty of Dalya and her mother, Rudayna, the film reveals how family can become a home away from home.” — Drew Tewksbury, L.A. Weekly

“While they are citizens and not refugees, their story paints a picture of the struggles faced by Syrians who feel fear and prejudice in the United States.” — Timothy Bella, Jezebel

“It’s the feminist Muslim documentary we need.” — Nicole Einbinder, Bustle

“This is a coming-of-age story, but even more, it is an expression of humanity.” — David Ulin, Forward

“The documentary hits on many points: assimilation, Islamophobia, feminism. But one of the strongest themes is the relationship between Dalya and her mom, Rudayna.” — Lori Galarreta, Take Two

“The documentary focuses upon the stark differences between US and Syrian culture as mother and daughter struggle to balance both worlds.” — Selina Mixner, Awards Circuit

“Refugees from the Middle East can be portrayed as either victims or threats. They can also sound like real human beings once they’re allowed to tell their story. That is the lesson of Dalya’s Other Country.” — Kevin McDonough, United Feature Syndicate

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