Meet POV Assistant, our multi-platform bot delivering information about POV’s catalogue of films via Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa! POV Assistant pulls from our documentary database to tell you when you can watch POV films on your local PBS station or streaming online at and on PBS apps, and provides film information like synopses and info about the filmmakers.

POV’s full-stack developer Sunil Patel built POV Assistant to be a dynamic technology that can be adapted to new bot and assistant platforms as they come online. For now, you can start a conversation with POV Assistant on Facebook, Google and Amazon.

We see the creation of the Assistant as part our continuing mission to bring POV’s award-winning work to new platforms and audiences. As AI and bot technology emerges as a new way to discover and explore content, we wanted to take advantage of its potential as a powerful way to engage with audiences.

Facebook Messenger

To start chatting with POV Assistant on Facebook Messenger, send a new message to “povdocs” on the Messenger app, or click here.

Google Assistant

If you have Google Home or any support phone (Android 6.0+ or iOS 9.0+) you can start talking to POV by launching Google Assistant and asking “Talk to POV”. Here’s a link to Action on Google Discover page.

Amazon Alexa
Search “POV” on the Amazon Alexa app (available on compatible iOS and Android phones) and enable the skill. Then say “Alexa, Talk to POV”.
Here’s are the questions you can ask:
What’s coming up?
What’s streaming?
What’s playing on [PBS Member Station]?
Tell me about [POV film name].

You can ask follow up questions after asking about POV film.
Who is the filmmaker?
When is streaming?
How long is the film?
Which season is the film in?
When is it broadcasting?
When is playing on my station?

POV Digital will continue to add features, such as a search engine that recommends documentaries based on subject. We’re proud to introduce POV Assistant to help you connect with over 400+ films in the archive.

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