Where: Yoga Behind Bars, Seattle

When: Tuesday, August 30th @6:00pm

The Return

by Kelly Duane de la Vega and Katie Galloway

Join the Yoga Behind Bars for a free screening of The Return. For more information, call (206) 783-0403 or visit their event page.

About Yoga Behind Bars: Yoga Behind Bars (YBB) is Washington State’s only nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing yoga and meditation to prisons, jails and detention centers. Today, a team of 50+ volunteer yoga instructors teach an average of 25 yoga and meditation classes a week in thirteen locations around Puget Sound. We have been recognized nationally and locally for our work, including the 2016 OOMPH! Award, 2015 Seattle Yoga News Award, and 2013 Light A Fire Award from Seattle Met Magazine. Our students and organization have been featured in Seattle Weekly, YES! Magazine, GQ Magazine, KCTS9, and Seattle Met.

Since 1970, our prison population has grown 700% and the effects of this surge have been concentrated among the poor, immigrants, and people of color. Yoga Behind Bars is committed to breaking this cycle of suffering, and give people behind bars the opportunity to heal their trauma, reduce stress, and promote safety while in prison and once released.

The Return Conversation Starter: What can the rest of the country learn from California’s experience? Why do you think that the “three strikes” approach was initially seen by so many people as an effective response to crime?

Visit our local events calendar for a full list of events happening across the country and join our Community Network to host a screening of your own!

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