POV’s 29th season is well underway, but it’s never too late to catch the latest documentaries from our current and past seasons online for free! You can start off with Pervert Park, which had its broadcast premiere on July 11, 2016. Why not check out all the other films available to watch for free this month? You can stream POV documentaries at pov.org/video and the POV channel on your PBS app.

In addition to the 50+ films already streaming now, 10 feature films will be streaming until the early September, including a large collection of documentaries directed by women. Here’s a preview of the films streaming this summer:

Love and Diane
Love and Diane (2004)
Love & Diane is a frank and astonishingly intimate real-life drama of a mother and daughter desperate for love and forgiveness, but caught in a devastating cycle. During the 1980s, a crack cocaine epidemic ravaged and impoverished many inner city neighborhoods. As parents like Diane succumbed to addiction, a generation of children like Love entered the foster care system. Shot over ten years, the film centers on Love and Diane after the family is reunited and is struggling to reconnect.
Streaming ends July 21, 2016

Ella es El Matador
Ella es El Matador (2009)
Two women matadors in Spain have a passion for bullfighting and are determined to pursue their dreams. What is it like for women to enter into this male-dominated arena?
Streaming ends July 21, 2016

Georgie Girl
Georgie Girl (2003)
What are the chances that a former prostitute could be elected a Member of the Parliament of New Zealand by a conservative, rural district? What if that person was also transgender? The odds may seem daunting, but Georgina Beyer did it.
Streaming ends July 21, 2016

A Healthy Baby Girl
A Healthy Baby Girl (1997)
Battling personal grief, corporate power, and her mother’s guilt, Helfand turns the camera on herself and her family to document her battle with DES-related cancer.
Streaming ends July 21, 2016

Don't Tell Anyone
Don’t Tell Anyone / No Le Digas a Nadie (2015)
Angy Rivera takes a stand for herself and other undocumented youth across the nation through her activism, captured on camera in this compelling and revealing film.
Streaming ends July 25, 2016

Lost Boys of Sudan
Lost Boys of Sudan (2004)
Peter and Santino are two young Dinka refugees who have just arrived in the U.S. after surviving the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan. The film follows the lives of these two boys in their first year in the States, bringing into question what it means to be an American.
Streaming ends August 8, 2016

Pervert Park
Pervert Park (2016)
How can we solve a societal problem if it’s too horrifying to discuss? Pervert Park is a harrowing examination of convicted sex offenders as they struggle to reintegrate back into society.
Streaming ends August 10, 2016

My Gal, Rosemarie
My Gal, Rosemarie (2016)
Ray wants to grant Rosemarie’s one and only wish for her 90th birthday. Will the elderly couple be able to make the trip to a In-N-Out?
Streaming ends July 11, 2019

Traffic Stop
Traffic Stop (2015)
An African American man raised by adoptive white parents must grapple with his skin color and its implications after one night in 2009. What happened that night and how did that event change his life?
Streaming ends July 24, 2019

Coming soon…

Iris (2016)
You could recognize the glasses from anywhere. Meet the fashion icon, Iris Apfel, as she experiments with and inspires the New York fashion scene.
Streaming August 2 – September 1, 2016

My Way to Olympia
My Way to Olympia (2014)
The world’s best-known disabled filmmaker, Niko von Glasow, hates sports and thinks the Paralympics are “a stupid idea”. Watch his stereotypes about disability and sports become delightfully punctured.
Streaming August 13 – September 11, 2016

Note: POV’s license agreements may limit availability of films outside the United States.

See the full list of what’s streaming at any time at pov.org/video or on the POV channel in your PBS app.

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