Read what POV viewers have to say about When I Walk, available to watch online until July 23, 2014.

“Absolutely amazing…What a labor of love. Thank you for creating and sharing this difficult and wonderful story of inspiration and resilience.”
Lily Elsayed

“Beautiful, sad, inspiring, heartbreaking, and hopeful…all at once.”
Shawna Sham Hosein

“Huge congrats and gratitude to Jason and Alice!…We all benefit from Jason’s filmmaking and terrific character. Very motivating his story wrapped around young adult invincibility,a chronic disease, family, falling in love, aspirations, career, and facing reality with a positive attitude: make the most with what you have.”

“I watched this documentary in awe. I could imagine the challenges Jason and Alice are going through. I am so thankful they shared their journey. My eyes are wide open now to the physical challenges people with disabilities have to overcome to navigate the world outside their home environment. Why can’t all public buildings be ramp accessible?”

“I watched this with my 19 year old daughter and we cried through half the film. My husband has and unknown disorder with Dystonia type symptoms that hit on and off with such force that he can barely function at times. Though we are in our 50’s, I can relate to Alison and her struggles to love and care for Jason. This was a well done piece and I hope to see more from both of them.”
Yolanda Lomeli Medina

“I am very grateful for this wonderful film. While my young daughter’s disability is not necessarily seen (scars are hidden), I feel more hope for her future — especially in nurturing her creativity while not sweating about any of her limitations that may come later down the road. Beautiful couple. Thank you.”
Dawn Bent

“A truly engaging film. Life is short. You are making the most of it!”

“What an extraordinary and passionate film. I will be thinking about it for a long time. DaSilva carves one of the most definitive portraits of disability we’ve ever seen with heartbreaking clarity.”
lulu fine

“This documentary was a great film. I cry and I laugh and I learned a lot. I just want to wish the best for these beautiful people who made this film. I would definitely enjoy seeing more films made by them. God bless”
Leighanne Ritchie

“Jason and Alice’s perseverance and art came together in a profound way. Thank you for this documentary!”
Cynthia Gray

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