Read what POV viewers have to say about 56 Up, which is available to watch online until November 13, 2013.

“Just finished watching . Thank you for airing it. I have watched the whole series on Netflix in the last two weeks and was SO fortunate that it was time for the next film. How happy was I! It is like visiting with old friends. I’m so glad they are all still alive, that was one thing I was worried about after 49… Thanks again to PBS for airing this show — see you in seven years! :-)”

“I also love this series and have been watching it for over thirty years. I was born in Britain in 1957 so identify enormously with the participants. I am also one of the exceptions to the social class premise — I exceeded the expectations and was the first person in my family to go to college/university. I credit this to my parents who provided me with a strong work ethic, good state schools, excellent teachers (paid an appropriate salary), and a higher education system that was essentially free (my parents paid nothing for the six years I attended). Social mobility through education was indeed possible in those days, although in many ways I was something of an exception. I question whether the same is true in Britain nowadays unless parents are prepared to invest a considerable amount of money in the education of their children.”
English Rose

“Great documentary! Thanks to PBS for airing 56 Up. This is a window into our society for the past fifty some years. Evokes a lot of emotions to see them all as they grow up and see what life brings to them and their families. It also shows society’s “values” (not exactly the word I want here) or beliefs perhaps is a better choice have changed over the decades. Thanks you Michael Apted and PBS and the 7UP kids for allowing the rest of us to see history in the making!”

“I was born in 1957, in rural Pacific NW USA & just watched. I LOVED it. Rekindled many memories, and was fascinating to watch my “peers” to see what what they’d done in 56 years, what they thought, what they’d been through – and as an American the differences available to us. I too was one of first in my family to go to college, and definite first to get graduate degrees (including doctorate). What a difference it made in my life to pursue higher ed. (despite social & familial efforts to thwart). I can see parallels here. Thank you for showing this program. It has me pondering so many questions; some more academic & others just plain curious.”

“Tonight I had the pleasure of watching 56 Up. A good cross section of people and their life, experiences, hopes and ups n downs in living. Here in Canada we of course face the same sort of life lessons and challenges but seeing the story set in Britain and all I feel gave me a better insight, by sort of standing outside of events in my life and others I know. As I reflect on my life as they move through theirs on 56 Up I am appreciative of the t.v. program and my past ups and downs, and side steps through living chosen by me or forced into. Thanx to all involved in making this film and sharing some of their living experiences, views, thoughts, insights and hopes. I’m 61 next month and will remember through the next decades your sharing.”
Wayne Squires

“I watched the first three in England and the next in a movie theatre in the USA, and others on streaming. One of the best documentaries ever. Not only are the people interesting, but also the changes in England over my lifetime.”
Maureen Allen (Facebook)

“This is absolutely remarkable, it captures contemporary life unlike anything else I have ever seen.”

“I LOVE this series and am so happy POV and PBS are sharing the next installment with us in America. I hope it gets to France and the rest of the world soon!”

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