High Tech, Low Life is streaming online until August 21st, which means it’s not too late to watch and enter our Premiere Party Giveaway for a chance to win a Party Pack with the High Tech, Low Life DVD, plus the Neurotypical, Only the Young and xoxosmsDVDs.

Enter the giveaway before or after you watch the film — just fill out the entry form here before 5:00pm ET on Wednesday, August 21st.

You can have a Premiere Party on your own, or watch with friends,  family, staff, or your whole community. Check out some of the Premiere Party plans and responses from POV viewers:

  • “We had a wonderful premiere party with several dozen people of all different ages and backgrounds. We had refreshments and a very interesting discussion. People were so excited about spreading the word of the POV broadcast.”
  • “This party will be learning experience, the film is very serious and has matters of freedom and expression. Wine, along with popcorn, and chocolate would be fab to serve at this adults only party. We will discuss the movie before and after.”
  • “4 people. Less is more. Just good people, great television, and calm conversation after viewing.”

Premiere Party winners will also receive organic popcorn from Quinn Popcorn, Fair-Trade and organic dark chocolate from Divine Chocolate and Fair-Trade, organic and shade-grown coffee from Grounds for Change, plus a POV reusable tote bag.

ALL entries will be eligible for the Grand Prize! Enter now at: www.pbs.org/pov/premiere-party/

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