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The projects selected for POV Hackathon 4 (July 27-28, 2013) include Abstraction, Approaching the Elephant, The Cannon and the Flower, The Dreamtrain Project and The Very Semi-Serious Humor Lab.

UPDATE (7/30/2013): The prototypes are now online! Explore them and learn more about the participants!

POV Hackathon 4 will take place at the offices of Huge in Brooklyn, New York, July 27-28, 2013.

Five teams of filmmakers and developers will be challenged to create web documentary prototypes – be they mobile sites, web apps, widgets, games or something we’ve never seen before – over two days of intense collaboration. Here’s a little more about the selected projects and teams:

Abstraction A filmmaker, a photographer and a composer team up to challenge our inherent biases and the perceived boundaries that separate image and sound.
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Approaching the Elephant Explore a year in the lives of young children at a “free school” (where rules are created democratically) through interlocking video that offers multiple narratives.
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The Cannon and the Flower The Cannon and the Flower will go beyond “scrolly-telling” to explore a single piece of Chopin music that inspired a Vietnamese pianist and his mother to transcend a war.
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The Dreamtrain Project The Dreamtrain Project will demonstrate how a song can be used as a multimedia hub that is both an exploration of a song’s inspirations and a real-time account of its creation.
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The Very Semi-Serious Humor Lab The Humor Lab aims to be an interactive deconstruction of the beloved New Yorker cartoons that will encourage viewers to examine the science, psychology and philosophy of what makes us laugh.
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