Girl Model will be premiering on PBS March 24 at 10 PM ET and streaming online March 25 to April 23.

By following model scouts who travel to remote Siberian villages looking for young teens suitable for modeling jobs in Japan, Girl Model (POV 2013) strips away the façade of the modeling industry by following two people whose lives intersect because of it.

Read what critics and journalists have to say about the POV film that premieres on PBS Sunday, March 24 at 10 PM ET, and will be streaming for free online March 25 to April 23.

“A powerful documentary . . . .Girl Model is essential viewing for adolescent girls who flip through fashion magazines or obsess over Top Model without thinking about why.”
Ty Burr, The Boston Globe

“Dipping into a very specific corner of the modeling industry — the search for fresh Russian faces to feed the seemingly insatiable Japanese appetite for prepubescent-looking clotheshorses — [this] film presents an international transaction sustained by the twin forces of illusion and delusion.”
Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times

Girl Model presents an emotionally charged look at the realities of life as a young model, and the hardships that put girls to work at such a young age . . . .[and] leads you to consider the issues.”
Jennifer Merin, Documentaries

“Documentarians David Redmon and Ashley Sabin have pieced together an eye-opening account of a form of human trafficking . . . . [that] gets under the skin-deep promises of glamour and wealth that lure a seemingly endless stream of very young hopefuls.”
Sheri Linden, The Los Angeles Times

“This film, Girl Model, is extremely important [. . . .] Nadya’s story unfortunately is not all that uncommon. A lot of people who aren’t familiar with this industry, they don’t get it. It’s so hard to see past the glossy veneer. But when you see this unvarnished account it really is very compelling [. . . ] What you see in this film, Girl Model, is that what goes in modeling can sometimes border on human trafficking.”
Sara Ziff, founder, Model Alliance, as interviewed on CBS News “Up to the Minute”

“We’re well aware of the unglamorous and unethical aspects of the modeling industry, but never before have we seen such an intimate portrait of the young models’ loneliness, frustration, and isolation.”
New York Magazine

Tune in to Girl Model this Sunday, March 24 at 10 PM on your local PBS station. (Check local listings).

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