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POV Hackathon

Nonfiction storytelling and technology will intersect once again at POV Hackathon this January in New York City!

We’re seeking filmmakers with bold vision for web-based nonfiction projects, as well as developers and designers interested in flexing their Web muscles to create working prototypes on an intense deadline. We’ll be playing matchmaker, forming 10 project teams that will work together over a single winter weekend to create… something.

At our first hackathon, participants produced prototypes as varied as an iPad app that connects recipes with documentary video stories, a templating system that helped explore the multimedia branches of a documentary from 1984, an animated documentary that updates itself using realtime data from the Web, an online web debate with characters from a documentary, and an audio slideshow powered by live news and events.

What could you hack together in a weekend?

Filmmakers may submit nonfiction projects at any stage of production, from concept to post-production. Filmmakers: Go directly to the application form »

Developers may bring their own libraries and toolkits, but it’s not a requirement. Developers and Designers: Go directly to the application form »

Visit to get some ideas from recent projects and subscribe to POV’s blog for application tips and more to come.

Read the press release announcing POV Hackathon 2 »

Note: The hackathon weekend will take place from January 12-13, 2013, a Saturday morning to Sunday evening in Brooklyn, New York. Before applying, please consider that POV will not be paying travel, accommodations or expenses.

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