August 12, 2016 | POV’s daily list of essential reading for the documentary and independent filmmaking community.

Female Filmmakers Want to Direct Blockbusters; Here’s Why They Don’t
In this week’s IndieWire Girl Talk, female filmmakers discuss the gender bias they must battle to work on bigger films. Despite the setbacks, many female filmmakers want to direct big-budget movies but won’t settle for a studio that won’t allow her to have her creative freedom. These female filmmakers were part of IndieWire‘s list of 12 women filmmakers who are ready to direct a blockbuster earlier this year.
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A New Documentary Puts Women’s Voices at the Center of the Abortion Debate
Filmmaker and Missouri native Tracy Droz Tragos covers Missouri’s sole abortion facility in the HBO documentary Abortion: Stories Women Tell, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and hits theaters today. The film is a collection of stories from a number of women who live in Missouri, and a few who live in the neighboring state of Illinois, and how they all must cope with the stringent laws restricting abortion access in the state.
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“If Kanye West Applies to My Rogue Film School, I Would Invite Him”: Werner Herzog Takes on Kanye West’s “Famous” Video
Legendary director Werner Herzog brings his German-accented voice to analyze Kanye West’s “Famous” video in this clip posted at the Daily Beast. Herzog turns the viewing into an instructional take on why every filmmaker needs his or her main storyline and then a parallel story. We may soon see Kanye West at Herzog’s Rogue Film School.
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How 3 publishers are using Instagram stories for visually compelling storytelling
The introduction of Instagram stories last Tuesday came with mixed reviews, many considering it a blatant ripoff of Snapchat as it allows users to share real-time life updates on a 24-hour viewing cycle. Here’s how 3 publishers, New York Times, National Geographic, and Sports Illustrated, have experimented with the new feature.
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How to Connect With Traditional Media Influencers
Do people pay attention to ads on traditional media platforms? In this podcast, learn from Josh Elledge, a consumer advocate and a founder of a consumer savings site, on how to publicize on television and newspaper, as well as how to interact with influencers on social media to promote your personal brand.
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