August 25, 2016 | POV’s daily list of essential reading for the documentary and independent filmmaking community.

Expert Tips for First-Time Documentary Filmmakers (Like Myself)
When Paula Bernstein began working on her first documentary, she reached out to the supportive network of nonfiction filmmakers, and share with Filmmaker Magazine the tips she received from pros like Doug Block, Marshall Curry, Laura Nix, Tracy Droz Tragos, Robert Greene, and others.
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Acts of Cruelty Captured by Citizens
New Documents, an exhibit at the Bronx Documentary Center is on view until September 18, and Hyperallergic‘s Seph Rodney calls it “the most important exhibition I’ve seen all year. It’s not necessarily the most conceptually elaborate, or the most aesthetically alluring, but it is the one art exhibition I’ve seen that makes crucial sense of our contemporary compulsion to document sociopolitical upheavals and state-sponsored violence.”
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10 Hilarious Political Documentaries You Need To See
Who says political documentaries can’t be hilarious? The best political docs — like The War Room, the 1993 depiction of the Clinton presidential campaign that Documentary Now! pays homage to with “The Bunker” — have plenty in them to make you laugh. Here are 10 political documentaries that will elicit more than just bitter laughter.
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President Obama Is Bringing You Along On His Family Vacay To Yosemite—You In?
The National Park Service is pretty much the hippest centenarian you know right now: the U.S. agency turns 100 today and is celebrating in part with a VR experience narrated by President Obama. Produced by the Emmy Award-winning team at Felix & Paul Studio, in partnership with Oculus and National Geographic, Through the Ages: President Obama Celebrates America’s National Parks is an 11-minute tour of Yosemite National Park, highlighting the need for conservation and preservation of America’s historic parks.
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Frank Ocean’s 100 Favorite Films: ‘Blue Velvet,’ ‘Solaris,’ ‘Annie Hall’ and 97 More
Frank Ocean: musician, visual-album releaser, list-making cinephile. Following on the heels of his latest album finally being made available to the eager public, Ocean has revealed his 100 favorite films.
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