July 22, 2016 | POV’s daily list of essential reading for the documentary and independent filmmaking community.

Meet the young female directors leading Mexico’s cinema revolution
The Mexican film industry has grown considerably in recent years, achieving a record number of attendance and production records last year. Two documentary filmmakers in particular, Tatiana Huezo and Betzabé García, are worth paying close attention to. Huezo’s Tempestad and García’s Kings of Nowhere are bold and creative experimental pieces and were recently showcased in the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.
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VHS is dead, but at least it outlived Betamax tapes by nine months
Say a final goodbye to your childhood. The last VHS VCR will roll off the production line at the end of this month to adjust to the sharp decline in sales and trouble sourcing parts.
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Wanted: More career paths into leadership
Paul Buckner, the General Manager of WYCC in Chicago, has 26 years of broadcasting experience that are about evenly split between commercial and public TV. Buckner is one of the rare minorities in public TV management, where racial minorities make up only 17.6 percent of full-time officials and managers.
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Patti Smith and Ai Weiwei to Collaborate on Reading Jail Art Project
Two familiar faces on POV, Patti Smith and Ai Weiwei are collaborating with thirty artists and actors in a jail art project to reflect on the life of Reading prison’s most famous detainee – Oscar Wilde. The 2-month project will feature stories on a diverse range of mediums to commemorate the Irish playwright, essayist and poet who was jailed for the crime of “homosexuality”.
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Joe Berlinger and Tony Robbins: ‘You’re never going to convince a cynic’
Joe Berlinger, an activist and award-winning documentary filmmaker for most well-known for this Paradise Lost trilogy, has a new documentary on Tony Robbins, America’s most famous and successful and motivational speaker. Rather than convincing people to run out and sign up for Robbins’ seminars, Berlinger hopes his documentary will convince audiences to think about the direction and quality of their own lives.
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Nominees for the 37th Annual News & Documentary Emmy® Awards Announced
It’s finally here…the list of Emmy® nominations! PBS and CBS lead with the most nominations for news & documentaries, including four from POV. More than 1,000 television and news media industry executives, documentary producers and journalists will attend the News & Documentary Emmy Awards presentation on Wednesday, Sept 21 at a ceremony at the Lincoln Center in New York City.
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Some Media Companies Cool on YouTube Distribution
With more publishers favoring Facebook as a video distribution platform, YouTube needs to change their algorithm in order to keep and attract media publishers. Publishers contend that it’s harder to gain viewership on YouTube, and find it easier to target audiences on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and even Twitter.
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Upcoming festivals and deadlines

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  • Deadline: DOK Co-Pro Market Submission 8/1
  • Deadline: IDFA DocLab 8/1
  • Deadline: International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 8/1
  • Deadline: HBF Post-Production Grant 8/1

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