July 5 , 2016 | POV’s daily list of essential reading for the documentary and independent filmmaking community.

Iranian Filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami Dies at 76
Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, whose 1997 film “Taste of Cherry” won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, has died in Paris. He was 76. Iran’s Isna news agency confirmed his death. He had been receiving treatment for gastrointestinal cancer and had traveled to France for a series of operations. Often applying a non-narrative and experimental approach, the poetic and highly visual filmmaker was revered by cineastes around the world.
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London’s National Film and Television School Launches New Initiatives to Bolster Female Directors
In an attempt to increase the number of female directors working in the United Kingdom’s film industry, London’s National Film and Television School has announced three new initiatives: a mentorship program for every female student working toward an MA Directing degree at NFTS, a tuition-free directing workshop for female graduates and/or women with at least three years of professional experience and a paid internship pairing all participants in the workshop with a writer, producer or director.
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This is How Much You Can Expect to Make Working as a Cinematographer
Some DPs get into making movies expecting zero fame, recognition, or financial gain. However, those who decide to make their passion a career definitely expect to get paid for their work. But how much can a cinematographer expect? Matt Workman of Cinematography Database gives an informative breakdown of typical day rates of a DP at different levels of production based on LA/NYC commercial standards.
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Documentary Explores The Cyber-War Secrets Of Stuxnet
Alex Gibney’s new documentary, Zero Days, looks at the Stuxnet worm — a cyber weapon developed by the U.S. and Israel. Gibney talks to NPR’s Ari Shapiro about the film and the future of cyber warfare.
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Melbourne Documentary Film Festival top picks: Brooklyn beats, battling baristas and computer game beeps
Whether it’s the scourge of cultural landmarks being eradicated in the name of progress in New York’s rapidly gentrifying borough of Brooklyn, the personal battle to achieve caffeine perfection of one globe-hopping Australian barista or the potted history of computer game music, there’s a wealth of fascinating stories collected in the inaugural Melbourne Documentary Film Festival (MDFF).
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