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You need to know about these four women directors at Hot Docs
We all know that women are underrepresented when it comes to the film industry, but progress is being made. This year at Toronto’s Hot Docs film festival, 40 percent of the films were directed by women. Listed here are four incredible women you need to look out for, and the powerful films they created.
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Play a Virtual Reality Synthesizer With Your Real Hands
“I believe truly immersive VR starts with your hands,” says coder and motion graphic designer Sander Sneek, creator of “Soundsape” VR synthesizer. Using the virtual reality, one is able to play and create music with their own hands — so far the movement appears smooth and accurate. Check out the sample video in the article to see for yourself!
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Why Would a Distributor Buy a Movie Without Seeing It?
Is pre-buying a movie without seeing it a risk worth taking? With the extremely competitive environment for independent distributors looking for films out of the Cannes Film Festival, Kino Lorber believes it’s worth it. Simply after reading the script and a few clips of Bruno Dumont’s Cannes entry “Slack Bay,” Lorber bought the film to avoid the competition. Find out what made Lorber so sure of his presumably premature decision.
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Bots for discovering related content
Vox Media has been working hard with data science and engineering in hopes of building products to fulfill the needs of editors and journalists. As seen with past successful Slack bot solutions, the main goals has been to allow editors to access relevant content easily through search engines. Taking a step further with a new experiment, the “simbot” solution finds relevant content and enables social media editors to discover related Vox Media content and build a storyline through these results.
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Watch: Trailer For Documentary ‘Holy Hell,’ Executive Produced By Jared Leto, Takes Us Inside A Cult
As a former believer and follower of this radical religious cult, the director of “Holy Hell” dives deep into the roots and consequences of faith and power. Making its debut at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, “Holy Hell” opens in limited release on May 20th. Check out the trailer here!
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Upcoming festivals and deadlines
This Week

  • Documentamadrid 4/27-5/8
  • Hot Docs Festival 4/28-5/8

Next Week

  • DOK.fest-International Documentary Film Festival Munich 5/5-5/15
  • Taiwan International Documentary Festival 5/6-5/15
  • Deadline: International Film Festival Amsterdam 5/1
  • Deadline: ITVS Digital Open Call 5/2
  • Deadline: National Science Foundation: Antarctic Artists and Writers Program Proposal 5/1
  • Rolling: ITVS LINCS Fund 5/1
  • Rolling: Center for Independent Documentary Collaboration Application 5/1
  • Rolling: Ford Foundation Grants 5/1
  • Rolling: ITVS Commissioned Funding 5/1
  • Rolling: Jerome: NYC Film and Video Grant Program 5/1
  • Rolling: The Bertha BRITDOC Documentary Journalism Fund 5/1
  • Rolling: The Humane Society’s Ace Documentary Film Grant 5/1
  • Rolling: The Scottish Documentary Institute Consultancies 5/1

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