Did you know that select POV films are available in their entirety online? If you didn’t get a chance to catch Calavera Highway this past week, you can watch the full film on our website. But hurry! The film stops streaming on Tuesday, September 23rd.

Calavera Highway follows Armando and Carlos Peña, two brothers who set off to carry their mother Rosa’s ashes to south Texas. Rosa Peña was a migrant worker and a single mother with seven sons. She worked hard, had two husbands — she chased off the second one with a knife when he beat one of the boys — and instilled in her sons a strong sense of family and ethnic pride. Her death tore her sons apart, and Armando and Carlos try to reunite their siblings during their roadtrip. Along the way, they discover how complex Rosa’s legacy is for each of her sons and search for answers about their family history, as well as their own identities as men and as fathers.

Watch Calavera Highway now.

You can also watch two other films from POV’s 2008 season online: Campaign by Kazuhiro Soda, which provides a startling insider’s view of Japanese electoral politics, and 9 Star Hotel, by Ido Haar, which documents the lives of a young Palestinian men working illegally in Israel.

So sit back with some popcorn, and watch our films right on your computer.

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