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Directed and Produced by
Christine Turner

Cinematography by
Marshall Stief

Edited by
Sonejuhi Sinha

Original Music by
Daniel Roumain

Additional Cinematography
Yoni Brook
Jonathan Chen

Consulting Producer
Stanley Nelson

Consulting Editor
Sam Pollard

Graphic Designer
Anthony Nguyen

Isaiah Owens
Seleste Burns
Linda Williams-Miller
Willie Mae Owens-Ross
Lillie Owens
Christopher Owens
Petra Gibbs
Catherine Butler
Dolores Butler Morgan
Karim Muhammad
Walter Simons

Editorial and Post Production Services
Final Cut USA, Inc.

Post Production Supervisor
Viet-An Nguyen

Assistant Editor
Spencer Campbell

Flame Artist
Cecil Hooker

After FX Artist
Phil Brooks

Sound Mixer & Designer
T. Terressa Tate

Post/VFX Producer
Alek Rost

Post/Color Assistant
Michael Howell

Post Technical Supervisor
Ryan Johnson

DI Services
Color Collective

DI Colorist
Alex Bickel

Archival Photographs
Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture, The New York Public Library
Photographs by Austin Hansen used with permission of Joyce Hansen
Paul Fusco/Magnum Photos
Corbis Images
AP/Wide World Photos
South Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina, Columbia, S.C.
Robert Yellin

Additional Music

"The Struggle Is Over"
Written by Jonathan Nelson, Justin Lee
Performed by Helen Slate

"I'm Free"
Written by Percy James Bady
Performed by Lorene Pryor

"My Man's An Undertaker"
Written by Leroy Kirkland and Mamie Thomas
Performed by Dinah Washington
Courtesy of The Verve Music Group under license from Universal Music Enterprises
Courtesy of Rockland Music (BMI)

"My Home Is In Heaven"
Written by Ada Garnett
Performed by The Salvation Army Harlem Temple Choir

"I Can't Complain"
Written by Don Johnson
Performed by St. Christopher Wilkerson

"On Higher Ground (Oh Lift Me Up)"
Written by Johnson Oatman, Jr., Charles H. Gabriel
Performed by Franklin Avenue Baptist Church Choir

"Happy Birthday"
Written by Mildred and Patty Hill
Performed by Isaiah Owens

"Trouble Of The World"
Traditional Folk Song
Performed by Mahalia Jackson
Courtesy of Columbia Records
By Arrangement with Sony Music Licensing

Legal Services
Robert L. Seigel, Esq.
Fernando Ramirez, Esq.

Music Consultant
Jeanne DaSilva Fox

International Sales
Cinephil Distribution

Production Insurance
Fractured Atlas

E&O Insurance
C&S International Insurance Brokers, Inc.

Andrew Newman

Marci Juett

Alexis Abrams-Bourke

Special Thanks
Sheril Antonio
Stephanie Apt
Paula Arrington
Charlie Bethel
Lauren Bleiweiss
Elan Bogarín
Aaron Bourke
James Bourke
Amy Bucher
Seth Caldwell
Joe Beshenkovsky
Jeff Buchanan
Stéphane Dumonceau
Lewis Erskine
Sasha Friedlander
Independent Feature Project
Firelight Media Labsters
Mable Haddock
Danielle Levanas
Nicole Opper
Owens Funeral Home staff
Nicole Pasulka
Mary Robertson
Rick Russell
Carlo Santangelo
Scott Sasso
Jonathan Silberberg
Olivia Sinaiko
Marcia Smith
JD Smyth
Daniel Solé
Ben Statz
Dianne Thomas
Carlito Turner
Chuck & Kathy Turner
Erica Turner

To all of the families who participated in the filming of this documentary.

Fiscal Sponsor
Women Make Movies

Executive Producer for ITVS
Sally Jo Fifer

Executive Producer for American Documentary | POV
Simon Kilmurry

Production Assistance Provided by
Firelight Media Producers' Lab.

Funding Provided by
Tribeca Film Institute TFI Documentary Fund
Jerome Foundation
New York State Council on the Arts

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