When I Walk

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Take Action

Create or contribute to the AXS Map app for your community. Organize a mapping meet-up or an AXS Map Mapathon (#mapathon) with your friends and family, students, staff or community members to rate the accessibility of areas in your local neighborhood and add them to AXS Map, just as Jason and Alice do in the film.

Create a special event at a maker space where attendees focus on developing adaptive technologies. Screen When I Walk so people can look at the tasks that are challenging for DaSilva and devise solutions. Use the event to facilitate ongoing dialogue between prospective inventors and people with disabilities (and their families) in your community. When possible, create partnerships between inventors and people who are willing to "field test" inventions.

Host a screening of When I Walk in conjunction with a local Walk MS event.

Convene an annual community "check-up" for compliance with the ADA. In addition to advocates, people with disabilities and their families, involve people responsible for transportation systems, construction and zoning, availability of medical care, public policy and other related issues. Also look for instances where the ADA falls short and recommend changes.

Increase the visibility of people with ambulatory disabilities in your community by distributing small cameras such as GoPro cameras and inviting them to record their typical days. Collect and display what they shoot in an online gallery, at a live venue or both. With permission, distribute the footage to local news outlets and encourage them to do stories about accessibility issues.