When I Walk

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Film Update

In June 2014, POV caught up with Jason DaSilva, filmmaker of When I Walk, to find out what's happened since the camera stopped rolling.

POV: What has happened in your life and Alice's since the end of this film?

DaSilva: We have a 16-month-old son named Jase who is bundle o' joy. He has a good sense of humor and is definitely our son, because he likes music and drawing. The film continues to live — it has shown at many festivals, winning awards and inspiring audience. Now, I'm working on my new film — more to come soon.

POV: How have audiences reacted to the film?

DaSilva: The audience reacted surprisingly well to the film — before releasing the film I was worried — I thought our story might be TMI!

POV: What is the status of your outreach campaign for the film, including the development of AXS Map? What are you working on next?

DaSilva: AXS Map is the greatest asset to come out of the film (other than Jase) — at the end of the month we will have a new look and new feature called the Mapathon. Check AXSMap.com for more details. Also, I started to put together a new feature film called Where You Go I Go. It is about the freedom, or lack thereof, of true accessibility.