When I Walk

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Filmmaker Bio

Jason DaSilvaJason DaSilva (Director/Producer) has been a prolific filmmaker for the past 10 years, directing four short films (Olivia's Puzzle, A Song for Daniel , Twins of Mankala and First Steps) and two feature-length documentaries (Lest We Forget and When I Walk). Many of his films have won awards; Olivia's Puzzle premiered at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival and qualified for an Academy Award®. Three of his films have been broadcast nationally on PBS, HBO and CBC. He also produced Shocking and Awful, a film installation on the movement against the war in Iraq, exhibited at the 2006 Whitney Biennial.

In 2006 DaSilva took a short break from filmmaking to earn his master's degree in applied media arts from Emily Carr University. He produced and directed an Op-Doc (opinion documentary) for the New York Times entitled The Long Wait, published in January 2013. He and Alice Cook live and work in New York City.

Alice Cook (Director/Producer/Editor) is a documentary filmmaker and producer living in New York City. When I Walk is her first production. She also produced and directed the New York Times Op-Doc The Long Wait, published in January 2013. She produced the digital media project AXS Map, which was funded by charitable giving from Google and other organizations. Cook received her bachelor's and master's degrees in engineering and science from Stanford University.