When I Walk

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About the Characters


Jason DaSilva

At just 25, filmmaker Jason DaSilva had seen his documentaries screened at dozens of film festivals around the world. Young, handsome and adventurous, he had the kind of life that is a dream for many documentary filmmakers.

Then, in 2006, Jason was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, or MS. In just five years, he went from being a strong, healthy young man, to walking on wobbly legs, to using a cane, a walker, a wheelchair and eventually a motorized scooter. In spite of it all, Jason held tight to the one thing he's always been and will always be -- a filmmaker.


Alice Cook

Alice Cook is a young woman whose mother has MS. She and Jason meet in a support group. The story of their love, evidently as indomitable as MS, takes them through great and small joys and despair, with unexpected turns of humor. Alice helps Jason complete his film, and becomes his partner and wife. They are now married and have a son.


Marianne D'Souza

Marianne D'Souza is Jason's mother. She keeps Jason fighting to finish his film despite the disease taking over his life. It's quickly clear that her son's fighting spirit was inherited from her.