Film Update

Stephanie SinclairStephanie Sinclair remained in Iraq after the filming of "War Feels Like War" ended. She is currently an assignment photographer for Corbis and her work has appeared in numerous publications. Sinclair won 1st prize in the 2004 World Press Photo of the Year competition in the category of contemporary issues for an image called "Self-immolation by Afghan Woman," which appeared in Marie Claire magazine.

Update: interview with Stephanie Sinclair We spoke with Stephanie by email in May 2004, while she was in Afghanistan on assignment.

P.J. O'RourkeP.J. O'Rourke follows up his November 2003 collection of essays, "Give War a Chance" with a new collection entitled "Peace Kills: America's Fun New Imperialism ." O'Rourke tackles the Middle East, a region he finds as confusing as the algebra they invented. Standing in one of Saddam's palaces in Baghdad, he decides, "If a reason for invading Iraq was needed, felony interior decorating would have sufficed."
Laurie GoeringLaurie Goering, reporter for The Chicago Tribune, was interviewed by Minnesota Public Radio's Marketplace for their March 27, 2003 piece on unembedded journalists in Iraq. Listen to an archived version of the story at (scroll down the page).

Esteban UyarraEsteban Uyarra, the "War Feels Like War" filmmaker, returned from Iraq and continues to work on documentary film projects. He recently spent three months in Haiti as a cameraman filming the uprising, and his next project will follow a young lawyer in the anti-death penalty community. Hear more from Esteban in our Filmmaker Interview »