Filmmaker Bios

Esteban UyarraEsteban Uyarra is an award-winning director, editor, and cinematographer specializing in documentary. In 2002, he won Best International Documentary and Best Directorial Debut, Documentary, at the New York Independent Film Festival for his first film, The Runner. He recently spent three months in Haiti as a cameraman filming the uprising for Channel Four news. Born in Spain in 1971, he has lived in the United Kingdom for over 10 years.

Alison Rooper, founder of In Focus Productions, is a producer/director and executive producer, specializing in factual programming of all genres. Working initially with documentary producer Roger Graef and on the historical documentaries of Brian Lapping, she went on to edit or executive produce some of the BBC's flagship series in science, documentary and current affairs. Over the last three years she has been responsible for a number of international documentary co-productions both for the BBC and as an independent producer.

Sarah Brownrigg co-produced both The Runner and War Feels Like War and works alongside Esteban in the analysis and accumulation of research on projects. Earlier this year she produced a story from Sudan for Channel Four news about the rebel fighters in Darfur. As well as news and documentary production she is also a project manager in the creative industries, recently producing a major book and exhibition, Rewind, about the history of design and advertising at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.