beyond black and white

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  • To extend the March 23, 1999 PBS broadcast of “Beyond Black and White: Affirmative Action in America”, The Fred Friendly Seminars have formed an innovative online partnership with and, two of the leading politics and policy sites on the Internet, for a month-long exploration of affirmative action. The broadcast will also be the catalyst for interracial/intercultural community and school events.
  • Through a partnership with the Television Race Initiative, a multi-year project to create sustained public dialogue surrounding public television broadcasts, community screenings of “Beyond Black and White” are being held at locations across the country.
  • Facing History and Ourselves, an organization offering training and resources to educators with lessons on racism and prejudice, is bringing the program into classrooms. A companion Viewers Guide with additional resources and activities is available free of charge by downloading from this Web site. is the Web's most comprehensive public policy resource and community. Drawing from its network of policy influencials, showcases leading research, opinions and events shaping public policy on dozens of issues including education, technology and healthcare. is non-partisan and free to users. Information on affirmative action will continue to be available through their web archives. In addition:

  • A special affirmative action issue with resources, links, and other helpful information in the Issues Library offers expert commentary on public policy issues in a bipartisan, interactive format to produce one of the Web's most influential e-zines. IC is a free, web-only magazine designed to encourage a wide spectrum of viewpoints and to contribute to the substance of the debate. Information on affirmative action will continue to be available through their web archives. In addition:

  • In depth commentary from columnists, authors and political analysts
  • Reader discussion and debate through the IC interactive bulletin boards

Over the course of almost one hundred programs spanning two decades of spirited televised discussion, The Fred Friendly Seminars have brought together individuals an all sides of the issues that face America, and challenged them to speak to, rather than past, each other in an environment that discourages sound bites and rehearsed rhetoric.

The Seminars are now being guided by producers Ruth Friendly, Richard Kilberg and Barbara Margolis.

Additional resources are available in the Viewer's Guide.

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