Tough Love

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Take Action

Provide a public forum for families who are or have been in the child welfare system to share their stories. This can serve as a way to connect families dealing with similar issues, connect families with professionals and support groups and help communities identify ways to support families in their areas.

Research local and/or national organizations that provide preventative services to help at-risk families avoid the child welfare system. Are there enough services available? Are there ways more resources could be allocated to help at-risk families? Convene a discussion group and share your thoughts with local representatives and organizations.

Publicize the efforts of support groups for families who are or have been at risk of being in the child welfare system. Encourage professionals, parents and their children to share with their peers the successes and frustrations that have arisen from their experiences, as well as any learnings that may help families and professionals going through similar experiences.

Convene a peer support group with families in your community. Whether part of the child welfare system or not, having a support group can make a big difference for any family. A peer support group can be as formal as meetings with a set agenda, or as informal as potlucks, movie nights or play dates.