Tintin and I

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Hergé and the World of Tintin

The official Tintin website allows users to peruse its media-rich site in several languages. A map of the world in "The Adventures of Tintin" section highlights Tintin's travels and links to a synopsis of each album; another section, "The Adventures of Hergé," provides an extensive timeline of Hergé's life. Other features include scholarly examinations of Hergé's work and the latest news on Tintin. Note that the French language version of the site offers interactive features not available in English.

The Cult of Tintin
The "Tintinologists" at this unofficial fan website are mad about The Adventures of Tintin. They have contributed a myriad of resources, including analytical readings of Tintin albums in the Articles section, a carefully compiled guide to the Tintin books and characters in the Guide/Lists section, and an active forum where everything Tintin is discussed.

The Tintin Trivia Quiz
Think you know everything there is to know about the world of Tintin? Take this 165-question Tintin trivial quiz created by two fans, and see whether you're a true Tintin aficionado.

Paul Gravett: Hergé and Tintin -- Discover a World of Tintinology
Journalist and comic curator Paul Gravett's essay summarizes the numerous biographical and critical works on Hergé and the Tintin series. The article originally appeared in The Comics Journal. (2003)

The Believer: The New World: Or, How Frederic Tuten Discovered a Continent
This article by Paul La Farge discusses Tintin in the New World, a novel by writer Frederic Tuten that places Tintin in Peru with four characters from Thomas Mann's novel The Magic Mountain. (May 2005)

Ligne Claire and Cartooning

BugPowder: Ligne Claire Comics
BugPowder presents full-page illustrations from various comic artists, including Hergé, who employ the ligne claire technique.

The Comic Book Bin: Euro Comics
This essay on the history of European comics by illustrator and writer Phillip Schweier traces the formation of European comics, discusses Hergé's use of ligne claire and its influence, and analyzes the origins of Hergé's work and the reasons for its widespread popularity.

Drawn! The Illustration and Cartooning Blog
This constantly updated group weblog links to resources about drawing, interviews with comics artists and works of up-and-coming cartoonists.

Lambiek Comiclopedia
Entries on over 8,000 cartoonists from all over the world can be found in this "comiclopedia" website from European comic book store Lambiek. Cartoonists are listed by last name, and each cartoonist's page provides illustrations of their work and a brief biography.

Read yourself RAW
Find extensive profiles of contemporary cartoonists with links to interviews, resources and reviews, as well as previews of forthcoming comics and recommendations on classic comic books at this website.

Also on PBS and NPR

PBS.org Websites

Independent Lens: Foto-Novelas 2
This website for filmmaker Carlos Avila's original dramas based on foto-novelas, or Mexican and Latin-American illustrated novels, provides an essay on the history of the foto-novela and resources on Latin-American comics.

Nightly Business Report: Japanese Cartoons
The news program explains the Japanese art forms of manga and anime, exploring their historical origins, massive popularity and cultural impact. (January 2000)

Egg the Arts Show: Joe Sacco
Read an interview with comic journalist Joe Sacco, who has chronicled conflicts in the Middle East and the Balkans in his comic books.

NPR Stories

Weekend Edition: French Flip for Comic Books at Festival
Reporter Eleanor Beardsley goes to Angouleme, France, for the International Comic Book Festival. (July 2005)

Visual Arts: Book Bag: Grown-Up Graphic Novels
Writer Charles Solomon reviews and recommends graphics novels and comic collections for grown-ups. (December 2004)

Talk of the Nation: Birth of the Comic Book
Host Neal Conan interviews author and comic book writer Gerard Jones about the tawdry roots of the comic industry. (October 2004)

Morning Edition: Intersections: Of 'Maus' and Spiegelman
Correspondent Susan Stamberg goes to the studio of Art Spiegelman -- Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the graphic novel Maus -- to explore his influences, and find out why he used the visual medium of comics to tell a dark tale about the Holocaust. (January 2004)