This Way Up

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During every POV broadcast, we let viewers know they can find out more about certain topics on the POV website by running text alerts across the bottom of the TV screen. Some of the alerts describe features on the POV website and others are about resources we've linked to elsewhere online. In order to make it easier for you to find the features and links related to these topics, we've put together this new resource page listing all the alerts in one place.

Watch other films about the conflict
9 Star Hotel
Ido Haar's 2008 POV film documents the lives of a group of young Palestinian men working illegally as construction laborers in the Israeli city of Modi'in. As the film begins, the Palestinian men are on the run, risking capture to cross the border.

Stories of families divided by borders
Separated by Borders
Watch a clip from This Way Up and add your own stories about being separated from your family or loved ones by a barrier.

Timeline of the conflict from both perspectives
Timelines and Multimedia
There is so much great coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict online that we thought we'd pull the best together for those of you who want to learn more about the West Bank, the barrier and the history of the conflict.

See an aerial view of the security wall
Interactive Map
This map shows the location of the Our Lady of Sorrows nursing home in east Jerusalem. The state of Israel first put up a security barrier across from the home in 2002.