The Storm Makers

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Take Action

Identify organizations in your state or region that aid victims of human trafficking and find out how you can help. To locate initiatives in the United States, you could check See the Resources section for global initiatives.

Use social media to inform friends, family, neighbors, elected officials and policy makers about the need for all children to have access to education. Include information about the links between educating girls and eliminating poverty (see the Resources section). To find initiatives in specific regions or countries, check

Create an event and/or awareness campaign around violence against women. As part of the event/campaign, explore the attitudes or institutions in your community that contribute to the acceptance of a "rape culture" in which rape is denied, dismissed or blamed on the victim.

Meet with people from Cambodia or of Khmer heritage to learn about the rich and positive aspects of Cambodian life and culture. Think about how Westerners could help Cambodians build on these strengths so that Cambodians can improve their own lives.

The film notes that most of the men sold into slavery end up working in shrimp production in Thailand. The shrimp is intended for Western markets. Investigate the role of Westerners in perpetuating human trafficking in places like Cambodia. Discuss what you learn with elected representatives and share your thoughts on the role that Western nations could or should play in ending this modern-day slave trade. To personalize this further, visit This website provides information regarding the ways in which everyday goods, products and services are cultivated using slave labor and guides consumers in making ethical purchases.

Track legislation that addresses human trafficking in the United States. Let your legislators know how you'd like them to vote on pending bills.

For additional ways to take action around human trafficking, take a look at the U.S. Department of State's "20 Ways You Can Help Fight Human Trafficking."