Film Update

AUGUST 2003, New York

The Sixth Section was finished only a month ago, in early August. The filmmakers were still shooting only six weeks ago. In short, not a whole lot has changed since the film was completed.

The central character José, and his wife Evangelina now have their work permits which allow them to legally work in the U.S., but it doesn't grant them the freedom to go home, and come back legally.

Grupo Unión in Newburgh has now sent $16,000 to Boqueron for the well they're building. The money is being used to install a 2 mile long electrical cable from the town center, out to the well, to run the pump, to bring the water up. The electricity is only the first step towards finishing the project, which ultimately will cost about $100,000.

The group will hold a fundraiser on August 30th, in conjunction with the Newburgh screening of The Sixth Section, to raise more money for the well.

And the film itself is finding a wide and wild variety of "partners" in the world. Immigrants rights organizations, foundations, film festivals and bankers have all expressed interest in screening The Sixth Section.