The Return

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Directed by
Kelly Duane de la Vega & Katie Galloway

Produced by
Katie Galloway, Kelly Duane de la Vega & Ariella Ben-Dov

Executive Producer
Anne Devereux-Mills

Greg O'Toole

Written by
Kelly Duane de la Vega, Katie Galloway, & Greg O'Toole

Director of Photography
Mario Furloni

Mario Furloni
Becky Korman

Original Music
Tyler Strickland

Consulting Producer
Emily Verellen

Consulting Editor
Nathaniel Dorsky

Story Consultant
Lawrence Lerew

Post-Production Coordinators
Edgardo Cervano-Soto
Rebecca Field

Sound Recordists
Caleb Mose
James Godard
Edmond Smith
Ana Saldaña
Adriano Bravo
Javier Briones
Marshall Potter
Lawrence Lerew
Ray Day

Additional Editing by
Sara Booth

Assistant Editor
Tory Jeffay

Media Managers
Ben Zweig
Victoria Fender
Brendan Stepp

Additional Camera
Emily Topper

Sound Designers
Leroy Clark
Shane Watson

Audio Post-Production Facility
Sirius Sound

Gary Coates

HD Mastering
Heather Weaver

Title Design
Mike Nicholson

Production Assistants
Jake Coburn
Iain Ross
Alison Hirsch

Elias Spanier
Paradise Austin
Ashley Barry
Eliana Ben-Dov
Cindy Custodio
Sophie Ho
Daniel Kang
Lauren Knapp
Jael LaBrie
Elijah Leideker
Hans Miller
Regina Moreno
Kathleen Quillian
Cody Reiss
Torin Stephens
Lauren Wordel

Legal Counsel
Justine Jacobs
Richard Lee

"I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free"
Performed by Nina Simone
Written by Billy Taylor & Dick Dallas
Duane Music, Inc. (ASCAP) administered by 1630 Music Publishing Services, Inc.
Courtesy of RCA Records
By arrangement with Sony Music Licensing

"The Genius of Caring" by Tyler Strickland
From The Genius of Caring

Special Thanks
David Mills
The Anderson Family
Bilal Chatman
Shane Taylor and family
Judge William C. Ryan
Michael Romano, Susan Champion, Emily Galvin
Carlos Cervantes
Stanley Bailey
Ana Homonnay
Scott Budnick
Mike Smith
Shari Kizirian
Mark Faucette
Mimi Silbert
The Delancey Street Foundation
Sajad Shakoor and Family
Kelly Turner
Jessica Delgado
House of the Loving Father
Shawn Miller and family
John Mhiripiri
Debra Zimmerman
Steve Sertell
Craig Haney
Warden Marion Spearman
Lt. Roland Ramon
Terry Thornton
James and Tiffany Evans
Randy Payne
Tom Leatherbury
Mel Vapour & Paul Kealoha Blake
East Bay Media Center Team
Jessica Anthony
Michael Skolnik
Sheila Leddy
Rahdi Taylor
Sundance Women Filmmakers Initiative
Heidi Nel
Fledgling Fund Engagement Lab and Fellows
Sandi Dubowski, Beadie Finzi, Elise McCave, and Jess Search
N'Jeri Eaton
Nancy Galloway and Andy Morse
Ben Galloway
Daniella Brower
Rebecca A. McBride
Barzel, Lev, and Solomon Ben-Dov
Eitan Spanier
Elias, Leo, Zev, and Avi Spanier
Mario de le Vega
Lila and Pablo de la Vega

Dedicated to Lester Wallace, Bernice Cubie and their families

Funding Provided by
Vital Projects Fund
California Humanities
Ford Foundation
Minette Nelson and David Eckles
International Documentary Association Pare Lorentz Documentary Fund
Tides Foundation
Chicago Media Fund
Julie Hess and Satch Slavin
Lori Buchbinder
Andrew Albstein
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Susan Termohlen
Richard Duane
Peter Buckley
Seth Brufsky
Katharine and Richard Duane
Rachel Silver and Youseef Elias
Jennie Merovick
Amy Hurt
Gregory Rice
Julie Hess
Olivia Herman
Chris James
Susan Buchbinder
Jenny Overman
Cody Smith
Jonathan Ressler
Mary Anna Cusick
Allison Weisberg

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Executive Producer for ITVS
Sally Jo Fifer

Senior Producer of National Production for ITVS
Richard O'Connell

Executive Producers for American Documentary|POV
Justine Nagan
Chris White