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The Law in These Parts
The film's website provides information about the film and filmmakers, including an extensive collection of reviews and international news coverage of the film.

Original Online Content on POV

To further enhance the broadcast, POV has produced an interactive website to enable viewers to explore the film The Law in These Parts in greater depth. The website: Law in These Parts, offers a streaming video trailer for the film; an interview with Ra'anan Alexandrowicz; a list of related websites, articles and books; a downloadable discussion guide; and special features.


National Perspectives

Israel Defense Forces
The official website of Israel's military includes information on events involving Palestinians as reported through the military's perspective. Available in English as well as Hebrew.

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Israel's Interrogation Policies and Practices
On this website, the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs outlines its policies and practices on interrogation, citing the basic guidelines set up by the Landau Commission.

Palestinian National Authority
Recognized by the United Nations as the official representative of Palestinians, the Palestinian National Authority reports on current events from a Palestinian point of view on its (Arabic-language) website.

The State of Israel: The Judicial Authority
The official website of Israel's court system includes a searchable database of decisions made by the Supreme Court and military courts, as well as information about the appointment of judges.

U.S. Department of State 2012 Human Rights Report
For the U.S. government perspective on Israeli jurisdiction in the occupied territories, see this most recent report on human rights. Additional information is scattered throughout the site. Search using terms like "Israel," "Palestine," "occupied territories" or "Israeli settlements." To find speeches by President Obama related to the conflict, search similar terms at

International Law and International Observers

Amnesty International
In addition to general information about international law and human rights, this advocacy organization shares updates on current court cases, as well as comments, reports and briefs submitted to various authorities related to violations of human rights by Israelis and Palestinians.

Human Rights Watch
Press releases, testimony from observers in the occupied territories and comprehensive reports provide a picture of life in the West Bank and Gaza.

United Nations: International Law
This site aggregates U.N. resources, reports and activities related to international courts, law, and human rights. Also see the March 2012 report of the International Fact-Finding Mission on Israeli Settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory