The Grown-Ups

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Film Update

In September 2017, POV asked The Grown-Ups filmmaker Maite Alberdi what's happened since the cameras stopped rolling.

Have you kept up with any of the individuals seen in this film?
Yes, I see them at least one per month, and I am very up-to-date with their lives.

What were their reactions upon seeing this film?
They are very happy with the film because they think that the film will change their life and society. We worked on a big campaign to change the labor law, and two months ago the change was approved and now companies must pay the minimum wage to people with Down syndrome. Since then, Ricardo got a new job and they now pay him the minimum salary. Anita's mom allows them to see each other frequently.

Have Anita and Andrés seen each other at all since the film?
Yes. Andrés lives very far away of Anita. However, after their families watched the film, they were so moved that they have been making their best effort to have Andrés and Anita visit each other on weekends.

How has Taller Adultez Consciente been impacted by this film?
It was very difficult for the psycologist to watch because it made her realize that the program should be more connected with the families and the students.

In what ways have you seen or do you hope to see this film add to the conversation around autonomy in those with Down syndrome?
I think that the film opened a huge dialogue in Chile about the autonomy of those with Down sydrome. We have been working with a lot of organizations in fostering this conversations. I think this has created a completely new climate for younger generations of people with Down syndrome and their parents. Now it seems more parents really want to give more autonomy to their children.

What are you working on now?
I am working on a new film that is called The Mole Agent.