The Band

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Filmmaker Interview

David Zeiger: It took Danny a while to accept me making this film. Initially when I was talking to him about doing it, he agreed only on the basis that the film wouldn't be about him. Fortunately, he eventually accepted that the film was about him... For one thing, it was a way to spend a year with him that I couldn't do otherwise. And for another thing, it was a way to not only explore his life, but to explore my own life through his eyes.

Really all I did was just to be there... Part of the experience of seeing Danny move off into his own life included the experience of his brother Michael, who will never do that. There's something in this film that everyone has lived through. And they can laugh about it, and cry about it — in a sense see their own lives on the screen. And I think that's the most precious thing that you could do with film.