The Band

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Filmmaker Bio

David ZeigerThe Band is photographer/filmmaker David Zeiger's second feature-length documentary. His first film, Displaced in the New South, examined life in and around Atlanta from the point of view of Vietnamese and Mexican immigrants. The film aired nationally on PBS and worldwide on Discovery Channel in 1996. It inspired a hit song by the Indigo Girls, "Shame on You"; the video for the song featured clips from Zeiger's film. It was the only film to be awarded a Regional Designation Award from the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games Cultural Olympiad. David lives in Atlanta with his second wife, Maryann. They have a child, Leah, age 20 months.

Danny Zeiger is currently a freshman at Haverford College in Haverford, Pennsylvania and frequently visits his father on breaks. Though he isn't performing in a band anymore, he loves attending college. On the experience of making The Band with his father, Danny said, "I didn't really know what I was getting into, but all my friends thought my dad was cool. I knew my dad wanted to get to know me, my world, our stories. I like knowing about my dad and my brother Michael and hearing [about my dad's dreams and fears. I feel closer to my dad because of the film, but we don't talk as much now because I'm getting more independent. But he has nothing to worry about. I still love him very much."