The Apology

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Filmmaker Bio

Tiffany Hsiung, Writer/Director

Tiffany Hsiung is an award-winning filmmaker based in Toronto. Her approach to storytelling is driven by the relationships she builds with people.

Since 2009, Hsiung has been documenting the lives of survivors of military sexual slavery during World War II, inflicted by the Japanese Imperial Army, for her first feature-length film, The Apology. For the past six years, Hsiung has been advocating in communities and universities across North America for the grandmothers (survivors known as "comfort women"), as they fight for justice, by sharing their stories. Her most recent presentation at the United Nations in New York brought to light one of history's greatest and unresolved injustices on the world stage for human-rights issues.

Hsiung's work is grounded in cross-cultural and intergenerational themes and is intended to inspire younger generations and viewers to learn about their own culture--and social responsibility--in the global community.