Swim Team

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Directed and Produced by
Lara Stolman

Edited by
Ann Collins

Director of Photography
Laela Kilbourn

Shanna Belott

Ann Collins

Original Music by
Mark Suozzo

Featuring the Jersey Hammerheads
Casey Burns
Vincent Chen
Wesley Flores
Christian Guitterrez
Robert Justino
Matthew Liu
Aaron Lucena
Rohith Nalamalapu
Audrin Pajarillo
Kelvin Truong
Jade Polidura
Michael McQuay
Matthew Ortiz
Hayden Schumann
Sorahb Surana
Catlyn Vargas
Armondo Velasquez

Additional Camera
Nicola Benizzi
Ezra Bookstein
Zachary Halberd
Lara Stolman

Peter Ginsburg

Title Design
Moniker New York

Camera Assistants
Megan Blackburn
Brett Checkelsky

Production Assistants
Kayla Barlotta
Jack Langlois
Olivia Palma
Mabel Valdez

Still Photographers
Nicole Chan
Andy Foster
Lewis Stolman

Post Production Services
Full Circle Post NYC

Rob Burgos, CSI

Online Editor
Dustin Blowes

Assistant Editors
Lucas Groth
Johnny Bassett

Post-Production Coordinator
Carlye Reed

Post-Production Assistant
Amelia Underwood

Supervising Sound Editor
Matthew Polis

Sound Editors
Cody Ball
Nicholas Schenck

Re-recording Mixer
Matthew Polis

Music Assistants
Ariel Marx
James Newberry
Jordi Nus

Music published by
Mark My Music (BMI)

Audio Description by
Michele Spitz

Production Counsel
Ben Feldman

Production Accountant
Barry Schechter

Owens Group
Reiff & Associates

Distribution Advisory Services provided by
Preferred Content

Production & Mentoring Assistance
Independent Filmmaker Project

Riley Devin Burke
Devon Johnson
Lizzie Minges
Eva Tooley

Special Thanks
The Belott family
The Keuper family
The Watzky family
Peter Bell
The Burns family
The Chen family
Ann Derry
The Jersey Hammerheads
The Raritan Bay Area YMCA
Special Olympics International
Special Olympics New Jersey
Mark Edenzon
Karen Siff Exkorn
Sue Flores
Lee Cunningham Giblin
Carrie Gildea
Marco Gomes
The Gonzalez family
Janet Grillo
Rose Vincelli Gustine
Tara Halloran
Steve Jobin
Ross Kaufman
Sarah Lash
Beth Levison
The Liu family
Tom Luchsinger
The McQuay family
Yael Melamede
Kathryn Metcalfe
Suzanne Mitchell
Paola Mottura
The Nalamalapu family
Marla Napurano
Brad Nye
Keith Ochwat
Shirley Ortiz
Manjing Pan
Bari Pearlman
Noemi Pedraza
Marisol Polidura
Eric Rasmussen
Christopher Rufo
Marcia Rock
Johanna Safranski
Ellen Schisler
The Schumann family
Justine Simons
Amy Smith
Steve Smith
Vipula Surana
Milton Tabbot
Guadalupe Velasquez
Stephanie Wernoch
Eduardo Garcia Zuniga

Fiscal Sponsor
Women Make Movies, Inc.

Funding Provided by
The Aetna Foundation
The Karma Foundation
New York Women in Film & Television through The Loreen Arbus Disability Awareness Grant
And others. A complete list available from PBS.

Executive Producer
Craig Perry

Executive Producers for American Documentary | POV
Justine Nagan
Chris White

Swim Team is a Woodland Park Productions film
produced in association with American Documentary | POV.

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which is solely responsible for its content.

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