Sweet Old Song

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The Artists

The Artists


Howard Armstrong
"There are lots of prejudices in this country. That's why people are ashamed to tell their age. They're afraid they're going to be cast aside or left out of activities. But that never bothered me. 'Cause I can saw on that fiddle just as loud as I ever sawed on it, as far as I'm concerned. We didn't come here to stay forever. But you can make use of what time you do have."
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Barbara Ward
"Those who paved the way for me, they who have all passed, watch over me and remind me that it is my turn to give back, to help someone along the way. Nana said to me that life is a series of chapters. Each chapter is up to you, to begin and end."
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Autobiographical Recollections
Since his boyhood in Tennessee, Howard has been documenting his experiences and imaginings in watercolor and oil paintings. Barbara is helping to archive this rich collection, most of which has never been exhibited.
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Soft-Sculpture Figures and Masks
"I'm committed to my art because of what was given to me by my mother and the generation before me... And I know my work moves and changes people, especially children."
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Illustrated Children's Book
Howard and Barbara have worked together on more than 50 illustrations for a children's book about Barbara's experiences growing up. The story begins with the death of Barbara's grandmother who raised her, the event that led Barbara to look back at her childhood.
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