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This site was developed by P.O.V. Interactive, in cooperation with PBS Online, under the direction of Marc N. Weiss.

It was created by Alison Cornyn, Sue Johnson and Chris Vail of Picture Projects.

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Consultant Extraordinaire
Project Coordinator
Coro Fellow
Oral History Consultant
Dayton Story Circle* Convenor

Fred Branfman
Jill Soley
Anim Steel
Bret Eynon
Marilyn Shannon

Special Thanks

PBS Online
John Hollar and Cindy Johanson for unflagging support
Dave Johnston, Mike Cramer, Kevin Dando and Molly Breeden

P.O.V. Interactive
Robin Stober


WNET/13, New York, especially to Ward Chamberlin and Margot Cozell

Bill Labeur and CPSI, Colorado Springs, CO

Frieda Lee Mock, Producer/Director, Maya Lin: A Strong, Clear Vision

Thanks to the following people volunteered their time to make this site possible: Bronwyn Jones, Beth Friedman, Dina Luciano, Lisa Hamilton, Nicole Kovach, David Marcinkowski, Rajul Mehta, Wendy Sanders, and Tania Van Bergen.

We are very grateful to the hundreds of people who have contributed their wisdom, energy and enthusiasm to this project. You will find their stories in the archives and a selection of them in the stories section.

If you have any comments or questions about the site we would love to hear from you. stories@pov.org

* A number of stories appearing on this site were shared at story circles held under the auspices of the Dayton Stories Project (DSP) in Dayton, Ohio. A collaborative arts project of CITYFOLK, The Human Race Theatre Company and other local and out-of-town partners, DSP included community sharing events at which participants told their stories to each other; a Dayton Stories component at the National Folk Festival in Dayton; an original play based on the stories; and an archive of audio tapes and transcripts of stories told during the project.

Central to the project was the belief that stories have the power to affirm individual lives, promote understanding of diverse cultures and create communities where people know and cherish one another.

At the invitation of P.O.V. Interactive, a story circle was held for members of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Miami Valley Chapter 97, and another for individuals who had opposed the war. For more information about the Dayton Stories Project, contact project director Marilyn Shannon at DTSHANNON@AOL.com

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