Take Action

Rethink Masculinity and Fatherhood

The men featured in Steam of Life open up to their friends about their pasts and their hopes for the future. The conversations that result give voice to a rarely seen side of Western men. Learn more about gender and rethink the way masculinity is described and displayed in your own communities.

Several of the men in the film talk about their hopes for their children or things they wish they could tell their children. Show Steam of Life at a father/son or father/daughter event and use one of those scenes as a springboard for your own father/child conversations.

Gather a group of friends and go to a sauna! Blog about your experiences and conversations.

Host a teach-in for young people (on campus or in youth groups) featuring speakers who study gender and masculinity. Follow up with a discussion.

Create a safe space in your community where men and boys can tell their stories and share their feelings.