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Demolition Derby Drivers Association
This site has the most complete nationwide demolition derby calendar on the web, listing at least one or two derbies each month for most states. If you can't find what you're looking for here, or if you want to get involved in specific local demolition derby communities, use the navigation bar above to find a demolition derby association or promoter near you.


Dual Demo Derby
Dual Demo Derby runs and promotes demolition derbies in Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois. Their website lists about 40 derbies in this region for 2004.

Grandstand Attractions, Inc. Demo Derby
GSA Demo Derby has been promoting demolition derbies in Kansas, Illinois, and Missouri for thirty years. The site contains schedule, rules, results, and car information.

High Impact Motor Sports
Find out about demolition derbies in Ohio at the homepage of High Impact Motor Sports, which lists dates and rules and contains pictures of derby winners and their cars.

Smash It Demolition Derby's, Inc.
This Ohio demolition derby promoter's website contains a packed schedule, rules for races, entry forms, and promotional merchandise.

Unique Motor Sports
The website of this popular Michigan-based demolition derby promoter includes rules, dates, photos, and contact information.


Islip Speedway
The self-proclaimed birthplace of demolition derbies in 1958, the Islip Speedway is more of a museum than a racetrack in modern times. Their website tells the story of the Larry Mendelsohn, the legendary founder of the sport, and links to Long Island's modern homes of demolition derby.

Marshfield Fair Demolition Derby
The Marshfield Fair in Marshfield, Massachusetts runs from August 20 to August 29, 2004 and features several nights of demolition derby. Get the schedule, buy tickets, and find directions at their website.

Riverhead Raceway
Featured in "Speedo," the Riverhead Speedway is the best place to see demolition derbies on Long Island. Check out their web page for schedules and ticketing information.

New Alexandria Lions Club: Demo Derby Page
Find info, schedule, and results for demo derbies held in New Alexandria, Pennsylvania.

Orange County Fair Speedway
The Orange County Fair Speedway in Orange County, New York, hosts dozens of demo derby events throughout the summer. At their site you can find the schedule, standings, a photo gallery, and ticket information.

Chad Ramsey, a derby driver from Central Pennsylvania, keeps demo derby enthusiasts updated on events in Pennsylvania. The site features photos, a calendar of upcoming events, and a message board for favorite derby quotes.


Allen County Demolition Derby Association
Based in Scottsville, Kentucky, the Allen County Demolition Derby Association hosts one of the longest running demo derby seasons in the state. Their site includes a schedule, standings, rules, photos, and a bulletin board.

Kentucky Demolition Derby Club
This site features a bulletin board for derby enthusiasts in Kentucky post information about events in the state, buy and sell equipment, and discuss derby cars in general.

Stoney Roberts Promotions, Inc.
Stoney Roberts is the biggest demolition derby production and promotion company in the East, bring derbies to state fairs mostly in the South. A complete schedule of derbies from Florida to Vermont can be found here.

Texas Super Racing Series
This series was formed from many request by car owners, drivers, and fans who wished to see more demo derby races happen in Texas. The site is full of information about Texas demolition derby.


B.L.F. Productions
A Colorado demolition derby promoter, B.L.F. hosts detailed rules, regulations, and schedules for derbies occuring throughout Colorado.

Dutch Holland Racing Promotions
As one of the biggest Demolition Derby organizers and promoters on the West Coast, Dutch Holland lists dozens of events on their website.

Kitsap Destruction Derby Association
This California demolition derby club hosts demolition derbies each summer. At their site you'll find pictures, results, a schedule, items for sale, a forum, and directions to the racetrack.

WGAS Motorsports
WGAS promotes many different kinds of motorsports including dozens of demolition derbies in California each year. At their site you'll find news, upcoming events, and an online registration form.

Organizations and Rules

Demolition Derby Drivers Association
With the motto "by the drivers and for the drivers," the DDDA strives to improve and standardize the sport for the sake of drivers. Their site contains classifieds, message boards, a chat, and hundreds of listings for upcoming demolition derbies around the country.

Demolition Events National Tour
D.E.N.T. promotes regional and national championship demolition derbies. Their site contains information on points, events, rules, and results.

International Demolition Derby Association
The official website of the International Demolition Derby Association actively promotes the sport of demo derby and aims to keep its members connected and plugged into the latest news. At the site, find event schedules, result listings, links to other sites, and bulletin boards where derby enthusiasts can share tips, stories, and information.

Madness Motor Sports
An online community of demolition derby enthusiasts, Madness Motor Sports containts message boards, polls, forums, downloadable video clips of exciting crashes, team profiles, and a photo gallery. Registration is required for certain features.

Smithsonian Magazine: Crash, Slam, Boom
"In a conventional auto race, the winner is the car that finishes first. In a demolition derby, the winner is the car that finishes. Period." This article introduces the demolition derby for those completely unfamiliar with the sport.

People and Teams

Crash, Burn, Love: The Book Project
Bill Lowenburg is the author of the upcoming book, Crash, Burn, Love, a photo documentary showcasing, like "Speedo," the human side of demolition derby. His site contains an exquisite preview of the book, featuring twenty black-and-white photos of beat-up cars and their drivers.

Demo 13
Chris and Trina Dunkel's home page contains before and after pictures of cars raced in demolition derbies in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey.

Schmidt-Riley Racing Team
A family-run team, the Schmidt-Riley racing team receives support from family members and friends who are drivers and mechanics and donate all winnings to charity. Their website features tons of pictures, classified ads, and tips and tricks for aspiring derby drivers.

Also on PBS and NPR

PBS.org Websites

Horatio's Drive: America's First Road Trip
In the spring of 1903, on a whim and a fifty-dollar bet, Dr. Horatio Nelson Jackson set off from San Francisco in his "horseless carriage" hoping to become the first person to drive across the United States. In this documentary film starring Tom Hanks as the voice of Horatio, Ken Burns chronicles this road trip that began all road trips. The site accompanying the film contains an excellent history of the automobile.

Nova: Transcripts - Car Crash
Nova investigates the science behind crashing cars at all speeds, and the technologies that brought the kinds of cars that can survive demolition derbies.

PBS Kids WayBack: Technology in 1900: Built for Speed
Early automobiles hit the road at this PBS Kids website about 20th century technology. It wasn't all smooth driving, but it was a big step forward from horse-drawn carraiges.

NPR Stories

All Things Considered: Commentary - Driven to Demolish
Commentator John Freyer sends an audio postcard from a demolition derby in Keene, New Hampshire.

All Things Considered: Demolition Derby
Storyteller Kevin Kling took his mom to the Fourth of July Demolition Derby.

Weekend Edition: Brazil Race
South America's version of the "road race" has more in common with a cross-continental demolition derby than with Europe's glamorous rallies. NPR's Martin Kaste reports on the rich and famous who splurged to get on the fast track.