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Film Update

Anthony competes in his first demo -- against Speedo.

Initially retired from the demolition derby, Speedo has resumed racing. He competes at tracks in New Jersey and New York, including Riverhead Raceway, where he recently won a school bus demo. During the week, Speedo works as a mechanic at Haggan Tire and Auto. On his off hours, and on weekends, he continued to build and rebuild cars.

Anthony, Speedo's oldest son, has followed in his father's footsteps and begun competing in stock car races, and occasionally demo derby races, at Riverhead Raceway. He's a fearless driver. Anthony's band, Satire, broke up, but Anthony continues to pursue other music-related projects, and attends community college.

Liz and Speedo still live together in Flemington, New Jersey, although they haven't married yet. They talk often about moving down to the Florida Keys.

Michael, Speedo's youngest son, lives with his father in Flemington, and attends high school in the area. He'd like to be a race car driver too, but, until he turns 18, he'll have to settle for go-kart racing against his father.

Linda Jager, Speedo's ex-wife, is involved in a new relationship, and has re-settled on Long Island. She attended the film's New York premiere.

Many of the other drivers in the film still compete in the demolition derby at Riverhead Raceway.

After its festival premiere in March 2003, the film garnered critical acclaim and numerous awards and thrilled audiences in theaters around the country. Speedo and Liz traveled to many of these festival screenings. The film received the Audience Award at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, and won jury prizes at festivals in Boston, Newport and the Hamptons. Most recently, the film screened at the Melbourne Film Festival in Australia.

The director, Jesse Moss, still has not competed in a demolition derby, but occasionally entertains the idea. He's currently working with Speedo to adapt the documentary into a fiction film.