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Ask the Filmmaker

Inez in South Carolina asks: Just wanted to thank you for the film. I caught the end but I really got the meaning... Have any other films you've done? This was excellent.

Jesse Moss: Inez, I've directed two other films, Con Man, for HBO/Cinemax, and Rated R: Republicans in Hollywood, for AMC. Both are very different from Speedo, and will be coming to DVD in the next year or so, if you're interested in seeing them.

Charlie in Oklahoma asks: I thought that your show was great, but why did you show him smoking pot?

Jesse: Charlie, I tried to make an honest film, and sometimes that meant showing Speedo in circumstances that were not always flattering. He's not perfect, and he himself was concerned about the effect the pot smoking scene might have on kids watching the film. But Speedo's only human, a man struggling with the same demons as many of us.

Kevin in Ohio asks: In the scenes at the banquet where Speedo receives a trophy and a check, why were the men at the trophy table and the announcer behind the podium so rude to Speedo?

Jesse: Kevin, Speedo had a rocky relationship with officials at Riverhead Raceway. He's an opinionated, strong-willed person. He wasn't the track favorite, and, as you see elsewhere in the film, he's even suspected of cheating on one occasion. He felt that the announcer didn't respect him (although some officials at Riverhead did).