Directed and Produced by
Gary Weimberg and Catherine Ryan

Executive Producers
Stan and Mary Friedman
Philip and Donna Harris

Edited by
Gary Weimberg and Josh Peterson

Director of Photography
Kevin O'Brien

Original Score
Todd Boekelheide

Peter Coyote

Associate Producers
Ian Slattery
Marc Liggin

Sound Recordists
Al McGuire
Wellington Jon Bowler
Kevin Brown
David Terry
Dave Wendlinger

Additional Photography
Michael Anderson

Jeff Thurman
Karen Wyatt

Post Production HD Services
PlasterCITY Digital Post

Post Production Sound
Berkeley Sound Artists

Sound design
James LeBrecht

Sound Editors
John Nutt
Patti Tauscher
Alex Wilmer

Sound Mix
Dan Olmsted

This documentary was made with an assistance agreement from the US Army.

Photos courtesy of
Kevin and Monica Benderman
Joshua Casteel
Maritza Castillo
Corbis Images
Dallas Morning News
Aidan Delgado
Getty Images
Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division
Camilo Mejia
Wire Image

Archival footage courtesy of
ABC News
CBS News courtesy of BBC Motion Gallery
us Department of Defense
Getty Images
Journeyman Pictures
Luna Productions
Macumba International
National Archives and Records Administration
Televisión Nacional de Chile

Major funding provided by:
Alba Witkin
Hope Benham and Morten Simonsen
Steven Berger and Paula Hughmanick
Chris and Frances Britt
Jane Brooks
Laurie and Marilyn Capitelli
Natalie Friedman and Harrison Pollak
Noah Friedman and Catarina Negrin
Tamara Friedman and Dirk Husselman
John and Nina Gladish
Garrett Gruener and Amy Slater
Philip and Rachel Harris
Tobey Hiller and Phillip Zeigler
Marc Liggin
George Mann
Judy Pigott
Donna and Stewart Weinberg

Additional funding provided by
Joan Baez
Phyllis Benham
Marion and Stephen Bundy
Jerome and Nancy Falk
Gary Flagg and Joyce Ryan
Barbara and Charlie Winton
Hugh M. Hefner Foundation
Alexandra Rome
The Ruth Group
Linda Walsh
Dan Knox
And others -- a complete list is available from PBS.

This film was supported by a grant from the
Sundance Institute Documentary Fund.

This program was produced by Luna Productions, which is solely responsible for its content.

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