Filmmaker Bios

Gary WeimbergGary Weimberg (Director/Producer) has spent the last two decades making award-winning documentaries as a producer, director, editor, writer and cameraman. He has won two national Emmy Awards, for Earth and the American Dream (HBO, 1992) and Loyalty and Betrayal: A History of the American Mob (Fox, 1994). He edited the Academy Award-nominated documentaries Memorial (1989) and Superchief: The Life and Legacy of Earl Warren (1991). In 1999, he received a Director's Guild nomination for Outstanding Documentary Director for The Double Life of Ernesto Gómez Gómez (POV 1999), a film that contributed to the presidential pardon of 11 us political prisoners. From 2004 to 2006, as part of Luna Productions, Weimberg produced a series of documentaries that have helped to raise more than $1.6 million for nonprofit organizations. He recently completed the feature documentary Three Women and a Chateau. He is married to Catherine Ryan; they live in San Francisco.

Catherine RyanCatherine Ryan (Director/Producer) has been producing, directing and editing award-winning documentaries for more than 20 years. Soldiers of Conscience is her third film to be shown on POV The other two are Maria's Story (1991) and The Double Life of Ernesto Gómez Gómez (1999). Ryan has also produced and directed documentaries for primetime network television, including The Story of Mothers & Daughters (1997, ABC), The Story of Fathers & Sons (1999, ABC) and Teens (2000, WB). She and Gary have been producing partners, creating independent films for too long to mention.