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Take Action

Research the current status of the DREAM Act and invite your federal legislators to a public forum to explain their support of or opposition to the proposed law. Offer real-life examples such as that of Gilbert to discuss the potential effect of the DREAM Act.

Create a support network in your community for children like Helen whose parents have been deported. Engage families in brainstorming conversations about what might be most helpful (e.g., supplying phone cards, paying for access to the Internet and Skype-enabled computers, providing travel vouchers or creating a network of volunteer host families).

Host a town hall meeting to examine why current discussions of immigration policy are so polarized. Use the results of the town hall to build consensus around an approach that would avoid splitting apart families.

Hold a fundraiser for legal aid service providers in your community who offer help to documented and undocumented immigrants.

Think about the way the words "illegal" and "undocumented" are used to shape public dialogue about the presence of immigrants in the United States.