Sin País

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A Film by Theo Rigby

Carolina Kondo

Original Music
Dan Wool

Sound Mix
Dan Olmsted

Color Correction

Technical Assistance
Christian Gainsley
Mark Urbanek

Faculty Advisors
Jan Krawitz
Jamie Meltzer
Johnny Symons

Carolina Kondo
Daisy Rodriguez

Titles/Additional Photography
Jason Sussberg

Additional Photography
David Alvarado

Thank You
The Mejia-Perez Family
Adelina Mazariegos
The Rigby Family
The Papson Family
Amado Padilla
Rodrigo Castellanos
Kathy Gin
Marc Van Der Hout
Amalia Wille
Ingrid Hernandez
Lizbeth Mateo
Anthony Weeks
Emile Bokaer
Alaa eldin El Dajani
Maria Fortiz Morse

Funding Provided by
The Enersen Foundation
Mimi Lok
Marjorie Henry
Jason Sussberg
Gerry Rigby
Helen Rigby
Erica Ramirez
Jennifer Day
Cecily Clements
Judith Tannenbaum
Cristina Gonzalez
Katina Papson
Maria Elena Papson
Isaac Zones
Thomas Quinn
Charlene Son Rigby
Kelly Korenak
Becky Kroll
Jane Susswein
Gail Steinman
Leslie Clements
Anton H. Gill
Beth Prouty
Jenny Pritchett
Michael Bartolos
Natalie Levkovich
Jessica Rigby
Carol Pacheco
Rich Walkling
Richard Steinman
Laura Steinman
Gloria Goldman
Kevin Holme
Carmen Iniguez

Produced in the Documentary Film and Video M.F.A. Program

Department of Art & Art History, Stanford University

This program was produced by Theo Rigby who is solely responsible for its content.

©2010 Theo Rigby