Return to Homs

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A Film by Talal Derki

Written and Directed by
Talal Terki

Orwa Nyrabia
Hans Robert Eisenhauer

Associate Producer
Diana El Jeiroudi

Executive Producer for American Documentary | POV
Simon Kilmurry

Anne Fabini

Associated Editor
Martin Reimers

Kahtan Hassoun
Ossama Homsi
Talal Derki
Orwa Nyrabia

Sound Design and Sound Mixing
Basis Berlin

Katarina Holmberg

Color Grading and Mastering
Basis Berlin
Schnittbüro Berlin

International Distribution
Journeyman Pictures

Special Thanks
Rasha Salti, Bruni Burres, Anthony Richter, Tue Steen Muller, Mikeael Opstrup, Ossama Mohammad, Andrijana Stojkovic, Dolf Hogewoning, Nawwara Mahfoud, Peter Wintonic, Medya Daghestany, Tamer El Said, Hiba Khaled, Khalid Abdalla, Cat Villiers, Amer Matar, Al Share' For Development & Media, Rana Eid, Bilal Hibri, Emma Davie, Paul Baboudjian, Rein Mitri. Alan Hayling, Martina Zöllner, Pat Ferns, Theo Baltz, Hans-Helmut Euler, Claas Danielsen, Eva Rink.

and to the people of Khalidiya and Bayada neighbourhoods in Homs.

Funding provided by
IDFA Bertha Fund
Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In Co-production with
SWR, Gudrun Hanke-El Ghomri
SVT, Axel Arnö
NHK, Tomoko Okutsu

In Association with
Arte, Claudia Bucher
TSR, Gaspard Lamuniere
Radio Canada, Jean Pelletier, Georges Amar

In Collaboration with
Zero Productions

This program was produced by Proaction Film, Ventana Films and SWR-Arte who are solely responsible for its content.

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