Racing Dreams

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Racing Dreams
Visit the filmmaker's website to learn more about the film, the filmmaker, cast and crew and upcoming screening events.

Marshall Curry Productions
Marshall Curry features information about the films Street Fight (POV 2005), If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front (POV 2011) and Racing Dreams (POV, Spring 2012) on his production website.


Annabeth Barnes
Annabeth's website has updates on her latest racing activities.

Drive for Diversity
Drive for Diversity is the industry's leading development program for minority and female drivers and crew members.

Josh Hobson Racing
Josh's website has updates on his latest racing activities.

The website of the association for professional drivers includes news and information about events, drivers, standings and programs like the diversity award that was given to Annabeth.

World Karting Association
The official site of the organization that runs the races seen in the film offers news and information about current events, ways to get involved and a downloadable technical manual that specifies rules and regulations.

This website provides the history of drivers, cars, and technology that shaped motor racing.

Girls and Empowerment

Girls Inc.
The website of this national advocacy organization includes descriptions of programs and resources that help girls develop strength, confidence and intellect.

New Moon Girls Magazine
This free magazine is written by girls, for girls age 8 and up. It emphasizes self-esteem and self-expression.

Women and Girls Lead
Women and Girls Lead is a strategic media initiative to support and sustain a growing movement to empower women and girls, their communities and future generations. This website outlines a variety of action opportunities and campaigns around the initiative. Women and Girls Lead is spearheaded by the Independent Television Service (ITVS) and its Global Perspectives Project.

Girl Up
Girl Up is a campaign of the United Nations Foundation that helps girls become global leaders and empower adolescent girls around the world.

Girls For A Change
Girls For A Change is a national organization that empowers girls to create social change. The program provides the tools, resources, and partnerships in supporting girls to devise and implement social projects that counter issues girls face in their own communities.

Project Girl
Project Girl is a girl-led, arts-based initiative that combines art, media literacy, and youth activism to enable girls to become better-informed and critical consumers of mass media advertising and entertainment.

Janet Guthrie
This website highlights pivotal moments of success and features a biography of legendary Janet Guthrie, the first woman to compete in a NASCAR race.

Women In Racing
This article describes the development of women's racing and female pioneers who have defied norms and made history by setting new racing records.


This link takes you to an article from Parenting magazine titled "Special Talents" by Frank Clancy that discusses how to nurture children's talents. Search the site for related articles by entering terms such as "prodigy" or "gifted" in the search engine.

PBS Parents
This site offers general parenting advice and includes a section on fitness that discusses how to involve children in sports.

Responsible Sports
Sponsored by the Liberty Mutual insurance company, this site provides advice on everything related to involving young people in sports. Parents can take quizzes to reflect on their own motives and behavior. Also provided is advice on safety and working through tough related issues.

Moms Team
This site provides advice, community and product information on youth sports and describes a parent's role in coaching.

Parents Connect
Parents Connect is a Nickelodeon website that helps parents with kids of all ages with daily tips, family activities, product recommendations, recipes, and expert parenting advice.