Racing Dreams

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Film Update

In early 2012, Josh Hobson filmed a video update for POV, telling viewers what's happened since the events of Racing Dreams.

Josh Hobson

Josh Hobson is a senior in high school and is hoping to go to college next year. For the past couple of years he has raced in a full sized car in the ASA Late Model racing series. In addition to being a competitive driver, he is also president of the student body and captain of the wrestling team. Viewers can follow his racing via his website: or his Facebook page.

Dotted lines

In February 2012, Annabeth Barnes shared the latest news in her life and in her racing career.

Annabeth Barnes with a trophy

POV: What has happened in your racing career since filming ended?

Annabeth Barnes: After the film, I ran another year in the World Karting Association (becoming a double-crowned national champion). I went on to Bandoleros and Legend Cars soon after, and had a really great experience with those. A year later, I starting racing full-size stock cars. Last year was my first full season in those. I finished fourth in points with one win and many top-five finishes.

POV: Did you learn anything about yourself by watching the film?

Annabeth Barnes: I learned that being myself is something I'm pretty good at. I have played that card in doing interviews and media appearances. One thing I do not want to be is a robot, like many other drivers. Personality can speak volumes about anyone, and I have a big one.

POV: A few years have passed since the cameras stopped rolling for what would become Racing Dreams. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self?

Annabeth Barnes: I would tell myself to race hard and never give up on yourself. Things will happen for you and this is only the beginning.

POV: What are your career dreams today?

Annabeth Barnes: I still have hopes to become a professional racecar driver someday, and I'm taking the necessary steps to make that dream a reality. It's a very long and hard road, and the outcome may not be the one I am hoping for, but I know that this is what I really want and I'm willing to do anything to reach my goal.

POV: What will you be up to this year? How can viewers keep up with your racing?

Annabeth Barnes: I am currently 16 years old and a junior at Alexander Central High School. I will be racing a Limited Late Model at a few racetracks this year. I will be traveling around trying to get as much experience and as many wins as possible. Our schedule will be posted on our website: and also I post weekly/daily updates on my Facebook fanpage: Annabeth Barnes Racing.

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In 2012, Racing Dreams director Marshall Curry provided an update on Brandon Warren.

Brandon Warren in Racing Dreams

Brandon Warren hasn't been able to race since the season chronicled in Racing Dreams, but he's doing well and is considering joining the military when he graduates from high school this spring.