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A History of the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

The history
of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is elastic; it changes dramatically
depending on who is telling it and where they start the story. Therefore,
it is important to note that a historic timeline of events concerning
this conflict is always difficult to present in an objective manner.
For this reason, as you read through the timeline sections, certain
events include both a Palestinian (in green) and an Israeli (in blue)

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Seth Ackerman's
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This timeline was compiled by Negar Katirai while working as a
research associate at the Council on Foreign Relations. Thanks also
to Dr. Mark LeVine, University of California-Irvine, for reviewing
this document.

Most of the information in this timeline is based on the BBC’s
Depth: Middle East Peace Process" Web site
as well as the
Post’s War and Peace in the Middle East" Web site
the United Nation’s "Question
of Palestine Web site,"
and the U.S. State Department’s
Web site on the Middle
East Peace Process

The information on the Israeli perspective was put together using
the Israeli Government’s official Web site, produced by Israel’s
Ministry of Foreign
. Information on the Palestinian perspective was compiled
using the Palestinian
National Authority’s official Web site
and the Palestinian
National Authority’s Ministry
of Information’s Web site

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